Home is where your heart is

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I’ve never really cared about the address on my letter box, or the size of my place of living, as much as I’ve cared about just being happy, surrounded by a small group of select people with whom I feel good.

A year ago it was finalized that I was going to spend a year in Latvia. Now, a year later, I am a firm believer that this is truly where I belong. The one place that I’ve been searching for and finally found!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud Dane from an amazing country. That will never change. But besides the fact that my passport says Danmark, I am quickly realising how this country is a place that I never knew I could do without! I really really don’t want to leave!

Knowing me, being easily excited and all, I was prepared to feel this way, when I arrived last year. I called it the “honeymoon phase”. I felt the same way the two times I moved to England. Only back then, I quickly lost the feeling and ‘escaped’ home. But this time is different. I’m even more in love than when I arrived! And for every kartupeļi I eat and every zip of bērzu sula I drink, I fall more and more in love.

Since arriving here last year, I’ve gotten more friends than ever before, despite being an introverted cold ass scandinavian. I’ve appreciated and grown to love every single part of Latvian culture and the traditions! Admittedly, my Latvian sucks, but I’m trying! And for every new word or sentence I learn, I feel pride! Not pride about being a good “learner”, but pride about being able to take those words and traditions and tell the world about them! And it warms my heart to see the cashier in the supermarket recognize my face and look bright as the sun when they hear me use a new Latvian word! Leaving Latvia would mean leaving her, and I could never leave that sweet old vecmāmiņa!

Lately I’ve been looking for a new job here. I’ve made a decision recently that my stay here is not over. My contract with ESC and AFS may end in August, but I refuse to leave now! I know that I have to just come back to Denmark for a brief period to get some stuff done, but as soon as I am ready, you’ll find me on the first plane back to Riga!

I don’t know what the future holds for me. But I know that Latvia has given me more than I could’ve ever dreamed about. An identity, a purpose, a good life and a sense of belonging. I don’t take that for granted!

All my former dreams have been put on hold. All I wanna do now, is grow old, with a long beard like a hardcore Latvian man, sipping balsam on my porch in my Jurmala house! Yeah baby!

I’m here, and I’m here to stay!


Author: Alexander William Blomqvist Eliasen

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